We would like to show you how versatile MindTags can be used in various fields of application and how it gives EVERYONE added value in life.

Inclusive and sustainable

MindTags can be used as an orientation and guidance system. It can also create up-to-date information that can be communicated to the user group (blind and deaf people, simple language, children, people with reduced mobility).

The information provided can be both barrier-free and multilingual. Regardless of nationality, disability or no disability – MindTags is ideal for placing customer-tailored information in a comprehensible way.

Simple system implementation

No structural measures are necessary to install MindTags. Installed quickly and effortlessly, MindTags can be simply integrated into existing building structures. Existing tactile paving can be easily combined with a digital information system. Thanks to its modular design, the MindTags system is flexible and can be expanded when required. Whether you wish to develop an overall concept from the outset, or you want to equip only certain parts of a building, we will customise an individual solution to your needs as well as your budget.

Data maintenance made easy

With the user-friendly MindTags content management system, you can easily administrate and update multimedia content centrally. This ensures flexible input as well as easy maintenance of your information at any time.

Everyone is talking about smart accessibility – MindTags is the key to it!

MindTags guarantees maximal benefit with minimal effort and low costs. Let your thoughts run free and together we will find the appropriate solution for the use of MindTags in your projects.