City and hiking guides

Eventful and inclusive

With MindTags you can offer your guests an eventful digital tour through the city, in its surroundings or on hiking trails. On the smartphone, the visitor accesses the route on a map, and at various points (POI) up-to-date information (for example, changes due to construction work) can be transmitted via text, pictures or film.

Unlimited, expandable and cost-efficient

Would you like to add more routes or supplement existing ones with more POIs or establishments like museums, galleries, sights or restaurants? This is no problem with MindTags.

Every operator receives his or her own personal and protected access, which makes maintenance of the data on the centrally managed server easy. No cost-intensive maintenance of the app is necessary. This means the costs for you as an operator are transparent and manageable.

Available on- and offline

MindTags can also be operated offline if a mobile signal is not available. The user decides whether he would like to load the data on his smartphone or rather at the respective POI via the mobile network.

No matter how, should data change, we make sure that the data is loaded or updated on the smartphone via an available network. This means that even users who have partially downloaded information locally are always up-to-date.