Service orientated and efficient

In times of an increasingly multicultural society and diverse demographic developments, as a service company, you can use MindTags to effortlessly address individual customer needs and requirements. In recent years, inclusion in the sector “travel for all” has become a significant issue both publicly and privately. MindTags allows you to structure the desired information or orientation guides according to the customer, and to use them efficiently through the correct placement.

Barrier-free and international

With today’s technical and digital possibilities, assistance can be given to people with restricted access, which is specially adapted to the needs of your guest. For example, information is read out to blind and partially sighted people, the barrier-free way is pointed out to wheelchair users, information is given to international visitors in their mother tongue, and much more. Everyone receives timely and up-to-date information at the place of interest.


With MindTags, you can provide information, orientation and guidance digitally to all your guests as well as your employees. Whether you need functional guidance on technical refinements in your company, emergency exit plans or advertising brochures about current events – EVERYONE can easily access the desired information with the MindTags app.

MindTags is committed to addressing a wide range of users through its application, rather than a dedicated solution for individual groups of people. This makes MindTags truly inclusive and thus also sustainable in the long term.