Museums and galleries

Contemporary and adaptable

Over the past few years, focus has been placed on public as well as on private education and cultural sectors to make access to cultural institutions and information easier for everyone, without compromising quality. MindTags enables you to meet this need for action through a simple technical intervention.

Thanks to the flexible structure of MindTags, information on permanent exhibitions or temporary installations can be adapted as and when required to suit changing exhibition design.

Barrier-free and needs based (with and without tactile paving)

Likewise, you can use MindTags to prepare information both digitally and according to age as well as according to the UN charter for people with disabilities.

The MindTags system can also be easily installed as an addition to existing control systems. Conventional tactile paving is expanded by MindTags into an intelligent, flexible digital information system.

Learning about and experiencing art the playful way

With MindTags, you are able to process traditionally transmitted information for everyone via a smartphone. This applies in particular to the younger generation.

MindTags opens up many possibilities for presenting information in a child- and youth-specific way. Young visitors can learn about and experience art and culture the playful way. And what’s more, because all the information is stored on their smartphone, they can re-live this experience whenever and wherever they want.