Parks and open spaces

Multifaceted use in the recreational sector

Whether leisure park or wildlife reserve, zoo or aquarium, city or landscape park – MindTags allows you to place information and orientation concepts in the recreational sector. Content is up-to-date and entertaining for the guests. MindTags is also ideally suited for outdoor and indoor applications.

User group-specific and inclusive

Prepare information differently for various user groups (for example, wheelchair users, blind people). For instance, children's content can be conveyed in an exciting and playful way, and for blind people, the focus could be placed on descriptive language.

Endless possibilities

MindTags can be used anywhere. Digitally retrievable information and knowledge for your visitors can be prepared, for example, about botanical educational trails, the historical development of the park, the animal world and much more. It can also give functional information on opening hours, entrance fees, parking guidance, advertising placements etc.