About MindTags

As the CEO of the QuikStep GmbH, I have been interested in innovative and tailor-made offers for disabled people for some years.

Currently, the team of QuikStep consists of 15 members who are based all over Germany. With only one exception all of its members work and live with a disability. Most of them are visually impaired or blind.

This leads to a high technical affinity and the desire to explore new technologies to simplify our lifes.

Thus, we discovered MindTags. It quickly turned out to be a great addition for our company so that we founded a new company: The MindTags Group.

The main shareholders are QuikStep and Steinbeis. Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful service provider in the field of knowledge and technology transfer from universities to small and medium-sized enterprises. It has a network of 1100 universities, research institutes and enterprises all over Germany featuring high-class skills and knowledge sharing. The focus lays in technical and digital development.

This helped us improving our competences in research, development as well as programming.

Another cooperation partner is “Konsole Labs” in Berlin. Together we are able to implement new features for our Android and iOS app.

As of October 2020, MindTags has a reached a level where we can offer a module product that meets the demands of various user groups.

We are cooperating with public transport companies, producers of health aids for the blind and partially sighted or other providers of public information. Additionally, we finished our first projects like a hotel, a city hall, exhibitions, a train station as well as office spaces. Like always we are interested in how it works not if it works.

Our Team

Thorsten Veldenzer, Marketing and Sales

Thorsten’s key competences are marketing and sale. Furthermore, he is your first person of contact for realizing and coordinating a project.

Portrait of Thorsten Veldenzer

Manuel Sprenger, IT Coordinator

Manuel has longstanding experience as a programmer and is the link between the user demands and the technical development.

Portrait of Manuel Sprenger

Stefan Wilke, CEO

For years QuikStep was Stefan’s main field until his interest in accessible technology gained the upper hand and he founded the MindTags Group.

Portrait of Stefan Wilke

Ingo Heindirk, Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales is Ingo's main focus. He holds a diploma in chemistry and business engineering and worked as a consultant for several years.

Portrait of Ingo Heindirk

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