Real-life Examples

Hotel am Froschbächel

Frequently we are asked, how MindTags exactly works. To demonstrate how it works we produced another project video.

With the help of our example “Hotel am Froschbächel“, we show you how to navigate to various rooms and what information you receive via MindTags.

By the way: In addition to navigating it`s also possible to gain access to information and documents for events such as workshops. This part is also shown in the video.

Wolfsburg Railway Station

In the future MindTags will be available as a guidance system in the railway station in Wolfsburg (Germany). This is part of the “Station of the Future” program initiated by the German national railway company (Deutsche Bahn).

The aim of the project is to reach all platforms as well as the travel centre. After arriving at the platform, also the individual segments will be reachable via MindTags.

For more information about MindTags and how it works watch our video.

Haus Rossi, Rastatt

In June 2020 we installed MindTags in the local citizens’ office called “Haus Rossi” in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

In close exchange with the head of department we prepared routes for navigation, entered contact details of staff members and integrated the office’s opening hours into the system.