MindTags at GLS Crowd

MindTags wants to make many more places accessible to people with restrictions.
That's why we started a crowd investing campaign at GLS Crowd. Support us in our development and participate in our success through your investment!

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The mobile information and orientation system

MindTags makes digital accessibility a reality in everyday life and opens new living spaces for everyone!

We link multimedia content with selected locations and make it accessible with the smartphone. We deliver fast and up-to-date content at the place of interest.

With MindTags, you can identify objects and places, and can be guided purposefully both indoors and outdoors.


Information where you need it

Using QR codes, Bluetooth Beacons, NFC-Chips or GPS, information can be placed where it belongs.


Managing content

Using the MindTags content management system, multimedia content can be centrally managed and made accessible at all times.


Specific content

Content can be targeted for different user groups: restricted mobility, blind and deaf people, simple language, children.


Sharing content

With MindTags, content can be shared and spread across the world.

User friendly, affordable, flexible

The mobile information and orientation system is user friendly, simple to implement, affordable and your contents are are easily managed with our CMS.